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Our company participated in Wuyi County Enterprise Red Song Competition on behalf of Wang Zhaizhen

2022-01-21 16:52:14

In order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Party, the “Wuyi County Enterprise Singing Red Song Competition” co-sponsored by the Wuyi County Party Committee Organization Department, the County Party Committee Propaganda Department, and the Communist Party Wuyi County Committee, was kicked off as scheduled. On behalf of Wang Zhaizhen, our company selected two programs, the chorus "Unity is power", "Without the Communist Party, there will be no new China."

Received a notice from the town office, it is already in mid-June, and the competition time is June 24. The time is tight, the heads are chaotic, the pressure is high, and the recent production tasks are heavy-----even though, the company decided to participate. This is a good opportunity to go out and exchange ideas with other companies, communicate feelings, and increase your knowledge. You can also use this game as part of building a corporate culture, strengthen the cohesiveness and centripetal force within the company, and also use TV, The online media showed the people of the county the positive and progressive corporate image of Dongsen.

There are many difficulties in meeting us. The first is to choose a singer. Many people are unwilling to stand on the stage. They think that they are "showing their faces" or that they are "incomplete", and that the rehearsal span is large, time is long, and there is a certain conflict with the work. After repeatedly doing everyone's ideological work and proclaiming the positive significance of this event, the final 35 employees participated in the choir. Among the 35 employees, there are newcomers who have been employed for a month, and “old veterans” who have worked in the company for more than ten years. There are department managers and front-line employees. The positions also involve business management, production, logistics, technology and quality. Multiple departments. After the convening of the personnel, after rehearsing once, they found that participation was enough, the passion was enough, and the professional singing skills were somewhat weak. In order to ensure that the company's programs from the professional point of view "sing the export, take the shot", the chorus has tried every means to go to Wang Zhai Primary School music teacher Li teacher for our on-site guidance rehearsal. Hard work pays off, after several times from the formation, passion, singing, command and companion, the team is neat and powerful, the song is loud and powerful, the morale is high, and the chorus is actually different. .

On June 24th, at the county television station, the competition started as scheduled. The two choruses selected by our company have achieved good results. Although our choir has no finals in clothing, packaging and other companies, we all missed the finals, but all of our team members wore white factory uniforms, full of energy and enthusiasm, and they were all true. Most of the units, spending a lot of money, asking professional teachers for rehearsal guidance, and investing in a huge uniform and exquisite costumes, these really make us feel their tenderness, but the mutual coordination, departmental communication and solidarity experienced in the rehearsal process. The centripetal force and cohesiveness made each team member feel deeply. Despite the tough work conditions, the players from the initial twists and knuckles, to the last two hours of rehearsal after work, hungry and insisted on rehearsing in the end, but no one complained that people feel the power of unity. The most respectable thing is that because of the time conflict, the factory car can only send the players to the stadium one hour in advance. For a whole hour, the players are awaiting the hot baking silently; the game is over, also because of the arrangement of the car, only Can walk a few people at a time, the rest of the staff is silently waiting, no one complains in the whole process. What we feel is that in the process of rehearsing songs, there has been a positive and mutual understanding, and the spirit of mutual tolerance has infiltrated silently. The potential significance of participating in collective activities is far-reaching, and it is believed that it will affect the future more. Life and work.