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Engineering Department received company award

2022-01-21 16:53:08

Emancipate the mind, innovate and change, the old employees donate ideas

Climbing the peak, technological innovation, new branches on the old front

After two years of growth, under the cultivation and coordination of the company, the three employees from the beginning of the establishment, through continuous merger and integration of relevant teams and departments, have grown to 50 people who now cover tooling, equipment and quality inspection. Team. It covers everything from the handling of on-site issues at the start, to the improvement of tooling design, production, and equipment today. From small to large, from point to face, this gorgeous turn, let us deeply feel that only if we are not satisfied with the status quo and past achievements, strengthen coordination and continuous innovation with various departments and teams, we can climb the peak. Create better results. In order to encourage innovation and promote technological innovation, the company has specially developed an innovation reward process, and the department also actively assists employees in technological innovation. In the past two years, the Ministry of Engineering has formed a good atmosphere of “strategic coordination, innovation and change”, and the success of the news has been fruitful. After the department selected and passed the company audit, the tooling group and equipment department jointly designed and produced the “quantitative butter fueling controller” and “PLC controlled multi-action air compressor” to meet the company's innovation requirements. The innovation of these two technologies has an extraordinary meaning: it completes the perfect combination of mechanical and electrical, and has made a remarkable contribution to the company's "energy-saving construction" project, saving a lot of expenses, and for the future Equipment and tooling upgrades provide a valuable reference.

On May 21st, in recognition of a series of innovative measures of the Engineering Department, and affirming the achievements and significance of the innovation reform of the Engineering Department, Mr. Shu attended the awards meeting under the circumstance of the upcoming business trip and personally presented awards and awards to several project leaders. bonus. During the meeting, Mr. Shu gave a high evaluation of the two tooling, and also put forward new requirements for the work of the tooling and equipment. At the meeting, the chief engineer Zhang hoped to elaborate on the overall plan for this year on the work of the engineering department. Wu Zhongbiao, the director of the tooling group, delivered a speech and said that he would lead the tooling to do better and achieve higher results.

Finally, quality manager Wu Lailiang summed up the awards meeting. He said that the company's strong support and assistance to the engineering department is not only the needs of the company's development, but also creates a wide stage for everyone, and has a place to show. He hopes that the engineering department will guard against arrogance and arrogance in the course of future work, and will achieve steady results and achieve better results!