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Sending a rose, a hand has a fragrance, loves the sea, loves no boundaries

2022-01-21 16:52:48

helping people makes a person happy. Save a life, the merits are boundless.

A difficult one, P Plus support. Love is in the sea, love is boundless.

Xia Jianwei, an employee of our motor workshop, had an accident on the Wangwang line on the evening of December 8, causing severe craniocerebral trauma. After a month of rescue, she recovered in early January. Despite the rescue of life, it left a series of sequelae, mental damage, life can not take care of themselves.

During his work in the motor workshop, Xia Jianwei united his colleagues, worked diligently and performed well. Xia Jianwei’s fate has been many years old and has gone through rough times. First, she lost her father in her childhood. Later, her mother remarried. She has been living with her elderly grandmother. However, she still has no family, and her family economy is mainly maintained by working. After the accident, the cost of hospital treatment relied on relatives and friends. Now the hospital has spent more than 70,000 yuan. The follow-up treatment requires huge expenses. Friends and relatives have been helpless and unable to do so.

Save a life, the merits are boundless. In order to reflect the humane care and give the wounded the greatest comfort and help, Zhejiang Dongsen Electric Enterprise Management Department called on all employees to carry out charitable fundraising for Xia Jianwei. Drink a bottle of water less, and smoke a pack of cigarettes. Even in the predicament, even if it is three yuan or five yuan, it is a mountain of love. The initiative said:

"Maybe you don't know him at all, maybe you haven't even heard of his name, maybe you are very tight, but --------

These are not important! The important thing is that he is our colleague and coworker. He is the person around us. We can be silent, we can pretend not to know, we can pretend not to see, but, compared to Xia Jianwei who will spend the rest of his life in the hospital for the rest of his life, we are at least healthy, we are lucky, we are happy of! So, how can we refuse to give him some power and care that will not hurt? Yes, maybe we have never had the chance to meet with Xia Jianwei. Maybe Xia Jianwei will not remember who we are and the help we give him. But is this important? unimportant! ! What is important is that the pair of hands in the dilemma are love, you can touch the sky and warm your strength! Life is ruthless, but we live in a passionate group, more important than anything else! ! !

Whether you are a parent or a child, everyone has to withstand the blows and difficulties from life. Think of the heart, if the person lying in the bed is himself, then what should I do! come on! It is scheduled to be held at the factory entrance on January 12th, and you will be invited to participate. At that time, you can contribute generously, Xia Jianwei will thank you! At that time, even if you don't have a donation, but the attendance is to applaud them, we will thank you! ”

Once the initiative was launched, it received enthusiastic attention from the whole division. Everyone is concerned about this unfortunate colleague. On the same day, the fundraising for Xia Jianwei went smoothly. According to statistics, a total of more than 14,400 yuan was raised for Xia Jianwei. True love, heavy mountains, I hope that Xia Jianwei will recover soon.